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mizu_koetatsu's Journal

24 February 1983
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. P L E D G E . O F . A L L E G I A N C E .

Girl. Ageless. Spain. Pisces/Wild boar. Oceanography student. Lost in the path of life. Shy. Dork. Lazy. Insecure. Dependent. Creative. Sweet. Loyal. Daydreamer. Hypochondriac. Bitchy. Sarcastic. Fails at life.

<3 Manga. Literature. Cinema. Writing. Icons. Music. Japan. Italy. Fanfiction. Yaoi. Alternative rock. Classic rock. Sleeping. People with good sense of humor. Sunny landscapes. Ocean. Tea. Sweet food. Laugh. Animals. Pr0n. Tim Burton. John Williams. Evil laughs. 8. Violet. January 6th. Surprises. Gorillaz. Sadistic pairings. Being a bitch. Bioware. Mindfuckery. Developing characters. Tamagotchis.

</3 Spiders. Ghosts. Study. Changes. Talk to strangers. Disappoint her loved ones. Intolerance. Cold things. Wake up early. Drink water. Humidity.

C o l o r b a r s
B l o g c r e w s
S t a m p s
F a n l i s t i n g
F a n f i c t i o n

I am the fucking Tobi of Livejournal.
Xanxus belongs to me.